Virtuoso Communities

As many of you know, our Avant Team is part of the Virtuoso network, which gives us access to unique and luxurious travel opportunities around the globe, as well as exclusive VIP perks and amenities for our clients.


This weekend kicks off Virtuoso’s annual Travel Week symposium, August 10 – 16, in Las Vegas, Nevada. Several of our management staff and professional travel advisors are in attendance again this year. Travel Week provides a forum for our staff to connect with representatives from Virtuoso properties and preferred travel suppliers around the world. This is the type of professional development we love to invest in because it helps keep our team on the cutting edge of providing the most unique and one-of-a-kind travel opportunities for our clients. This is where we make connections, attend seminars and “shop” on your behalf.  Avant is committed to making your travel experience the best it can be.


Within Virtuoso, there are now Virtuoso Travel Communities which are are built around niche groups in the travel industry including adventure, culinary, family, cruise, wellness, and ultraluxe travel.  These groups offer advisors the opportunity to connect with each other as well as preferred partners to build relationships, share experiences, learn about new travel offerings, and become more engaged with specific types of travel.  Avant team members have participated in these communities to learn and grow as advisors and to help you, our clients, create more individually tailored travel experiences. 


The Virtuoso Adventure Travel Community brings together advisors and partners with a shared passion for adventure and active travel experiences, including those focused on nature, exploration of unique cultures, and physical activities. 


The Virtuoso Culinary Community offers the perfect pairing of advisors and partners who have a shared passion for epicurean travel, featuring experiences that go beyond traditional dining with well-rounded culinary experiences that are immersive, interactive and educational. 


The Virtuoso Family Travel Community brings together advisors and partners with a shared passion for family travel. The partners in this community offer well-rounded family experiences designed to foster deeper connections and lasting memories for the whole family. 


The Virtuoso Voyages Community brings together advisors and partners with a shared passion for cruising. The partners in this community offer Virtuoso Voyages added-value benefits, and this is your opportunity to work closer with them and grow through advanced training and marketing. 


The Virtuoso Wellness Travel Community brings together advisors with a shared passion for health-minded, experiential travel that restores a traveler’s mind, body, and spirit. This portfolio integrates nutrition, healing, mind/body balance, fitness, and educational components. 


The Virtuoso Ultraluxe Community is the newest travel community. This exclusive portfolio is comprised of the most elevated, one-of-a kind travel destinations and experiences including primarily private travel services – jets, yachts, islands, villas, and more — all with superior exclusivity. Virtuoso will curate participants based on strict, by-invitation-only criteria.


Wendy Sifford

Travel Advisor

Wendy Sifford