The Continental Divide – Video

We took you to Colorado earlier this year (see Summer in Vail). Now let’s go back to Colorado for a very different experience. No, it’s not ski season yet (although that is right around the corner for you snow-skiing fans out there). Instead, let’s visit The Continental Divide Trail and, more specifically, the gorgeous San Juan Mountains of southwest Colorado with this month’s Travel Video Share: The Divide.


The Continental Divide Trail is a United States National Scenic Trail that covers 3,100 miles along the Rocky Mountains between Mexico and Canada. It actually traverses five U.S. States – Montana, Idaho, Wyoming, Colorado, and New Mexico – but this film focuses on Colorado.


Vail had its own charm and beauty in the summertime – very lush and green with vegetation – a side of Vail with which not everyone among the snow-skiing set is all that familiar. Sharing the same high altitude but standing in stark contrast to the green landscape of Vail in the summer, the rugged terrain, red rocks, earthy hues, alpine to arid climates, and breath-taking horizon vistas of southern Colorado carry their own brand of beauty which is well documented in this film. Doug Urquhart is the photographer behind this work and he captured all of these amazing high-altitude visuals very recently, during the month of September this year (2018).


So, we invite you back to Colorado for yet another perspective this state has to offer … sit back, relax and enjoy this month’s Travel Video Share, The Divide!


The Avant Team

The Avant Team