Switzerland S’il Vous Plaît – Video

The coronavirus pandemic still has us in a “holding pattern” with regards to international travel, but that’s not going to stop us from dreaming! This month we take you to Geneva and the Romandy region of Switzerland. Romandy is the French-speaking part of western Switzerland, and Geneva is the largest metropolis in that area. Nestled in a valley at the western edge of Switzerland, Geneva has a gorgeous setting with a lake, river and mountains. Its central location within Europe makes it a magnet for tourists and, not surprisingly, one of Switzerland’s top destinations.


Relatively small and manageable, Geneva is also easy to explore on foot , with a charming medieval Old Town, a busy commercial district and handsome architecture, from elegant stone and wrought-iron facades to the laid-back village vibe of the Carouge suburb. Seen from the train station, Geneva’s graceful skyline is capped by the Alps, with the cathedral’s spires in the middle ground and the water jet gushing up from the lake in the foreground.


Published just a couple weeks ago on Vimeo, this film is a collaborative effort by Timelab Pro (video footage) and Ilya Beshevli (composer) and represents the first in a series of videos on Switzerland forthcoming from Timelab Pro.  Once we viewed the incredible cinematography and the unique aerial angles selected for this beautiful film, we couldn’t resist including it as one of our Travel Video Shares.


We hope you enjoy this unique aerial view of Geneva and western Switzerland. Keep dreaming about travel! We’ll be here when you’re ready!


The Avant Team

The Avant Team