Spellbound With Spain

Hi everybody!  I just wanted to let you know that my Virtuoso trip to Spain was absolutely AWESOME! OMG, it was so wonderful to be treated like a princess for a week.  Made for Spain and Portugal is the real deal for an onsite tour operator.  I don’t have enough positive adjectives to describe them.  We met every single person in the office at one point or another and they were all such friendly, fun people. They were all beautiful too, we joked that it must be a prerequisite to work there!


The guide we had in Madrid was Pablo and he changed my life forever! He is an art history major and being escorted to the Prado museum by him for several hours and learning was truly fascinating and educational.  Every single person in the group said they had a new-found appreciation for art and a desire to learn more about art after spending time with Pablo.  He is the #1 guide with Made for Spain in Madrid and is extremely passionate and knowledgeable (and likable)!


The Villa Magna in Madrid was incredible … although from the outside, it has absolutely no curb appeal, and actually looks like a Holiday Inn or something.  However, as soon as you step inside, you know you are in a luxury hotel and I loved it.  The rooms were gorgeous and very spacious, and the bathroom was beyond spectacular.  I loved the small boutique feel of it and everyone there was so accommodating.  The breakfast was outstanding as well!


The Hotel Arts in Barcelona had a completely different vibe, but was equally just as grand.  It is a much larger property, and caters to a younger and more “hip” crowd.  I didn’t see one person that worked there that appeared to be over 30!!  Everyone was so eager to please … I asked for bubble wrap the night before my flight and they ran all over the hotel and bought me this huge roll of it!!  (I only needed enough to wrap a bottle of wine!)  The entry level room was very large and had an incredible view of the sea and the mountains.  It is a high rise property and I was on the 27th floor, so was able to capitalize on that fantastic view.


Our guide in Barcelona was Daniel. He took us to the Sagrada Familia, which was INCREDIBLE!! Seeing it in person is a whole different experience, much more spectacular than any picture can do justice to.  I was completely mesmerized by it, such an incredible creation.  Daniel also took us to a “hidden gem” that has only been open to the public for about 3 years….Saint Paul Hospital.  When I read our itinerary, I couldn’t imagine why we were going to see a hospital, but after the visit, I will recommend this to everyone going to Barcelona. Such a beautiful area, almost looked like Disneyland or something, I took tons of pictures of it.  I am really excited about finding this for our clients!!


I could go on and on about the wonderful Virtuoso properties, site inspections, and the incredible meals and fine wines we experienced on this fabulous trip. I am glad to help out if you need anything related to traveling to Madrid or Barcelona!


Barbra Richeson

Travel Advisor

Barbra Richeson