Galapagos Islands

By: Rosemary Warmenhoven

Galapagos2Janeblue-footed-boobyI must admit, I have had some pretty great travel adventures. But whenever someone asks me for a favorite, I always say “GALAPAGOS ISLANDS!” My sister and I had a 7 night adventure with Lindblad/National Geographic Expeditions. Cruising the islands on a small ship is the best way to experience this destination and its diversity. And, the partnership between Lindblad and National Geographic is second to none. What a thrill to approach our ship and see those two iconic logos representing a pair of legends in the travel industry, side by side.
Our days were filled with hiking, exploring the beaches on foot and the coastline in zodiac boats, snorkeling and relaxing too! I loved it all, but the thrill of snorkeling among the sea lions and turtles was unforgettable. One day we jumped off the zodiacs into the water a few hundred feet deep. We floated along as pelicans dove in around us and sea lions played among us. There was a HUGE rock out in the sea with all sorts of creatures living in the nooks and crannies. It was spectacular!


Galapagos4Jane-giant-tortoiseThe Darwin Research Center on Santa Cruz was particularly interesting, as was our trip up into the highlands. The day we were at the center, the gentleman who invented the “critter-cam” was there and later on he visited our ship. He was super interesting to talk to and he shared some really great stories.


We spent a night on each end of our trip in Quito on the mainland, which is pretty typical when visiting this destination. Quito’s Spanish colonial architecture is absolutely beautiful, and the Andes Mountains visible in the distance serve as the perfect backdrop. The Galapagos Islands are a soft adventure destination, perfect for families and anyone young at heart.