Exploring Costa Rica – Video

When we launched our Travel Video Share Series over two years ago, the first film that we shared featured Costa Rica – a small country in Central America that separates the Pacific Ocean from the Caribbean Sea.  It’s a beautiful place and we’ve decided it’s high time we go back there!


Costa Rica is practically synonymous with ecotourism – travel that incorporates education about the environment and promotes preservation of natural resources. Costa Rica is known primarily for its rich biodiversity. The country has a large number of national parks and nature preserves that boast a vast array of birds, mammals, reptiles and rain-forest plants. The variety of birds in particular is astounding: Some 850 species are packed into a relatively small area. The country’s geographic diversity and elevation, ranging from sea level to 13,000 ft atop Cerro Chirripo, have blessed the nation with 12 distinct life zones.


Alex Lockwood, from Birmingham, Alabama, is a narrative and documentary film maker with a focus on issues of ethics. His recently launched short film, entitled Exploring Costa Rica, celebrates the rich culture and biodiversity of Costa Rica. The images he captured offer a glimpse of the amazing variety and natural beauty of Costa Rica and hopefully will wet your appetite for real-life experiencing of this incredible country which, not surprisingly, has been rated as one of the happiest places on Earth!




The Avant Team


The Avant Team