Casa de Campo

My family of 8 just returned from a wonderful vacation planned by Avant Travel to a private tropical paradise and playground in the Dominican Republic called Casa de Campo Resort and Villas. We had discovered this “not often talked about place” for our honeymoon 31 years ago. Although the resort property has expanded and there have been several renovations (including the Minitas Beach Club), it was just as much a “paradise” as we remembered so long ago.


Casa de Campo is situated on the southeastern coast of the Dominican Republic occupying a 7000 acre walled resort overlooking the Carribean Sea, with a variety of luxury accommodations that provides impeccable friendly service on every corner. It’s the lush greenery and flowering gardens alongside the turquoise waters and white sand beaches that make it feel like paradise. We were a little skeptical of where to take our family at this time with the ongoing worldwide COVID-19 crisis. However, we found their standards and precautions to be much better than in the USA, which has resulted in a 100% COVID-free environment to date at the resort.


Our villa came with a maid and butler that included an unbelievable breakfast every day and local yummy drinks served to us in the afternoon around our pool. There’s no need for a car. Every accommodation comes with 1-2 golf carts, which makes getting around the resort a breeze. There was always something to do — the beach, the pools, water sports, horseback riding, skeet shooting, polo, 3 signature golf courses, shopping, movie theater, working out at the gym, or taking a trip to the beautiful island of Catalina for the day. There is a super market and marina right within the resort so you never have to leave.


Our favorite part of the resort was the Italian-designed city, Altos de Chavon, where we spent several evenings touring around, taking photos, and eating some of the best food we’ve ever put into our mouths. Check out the second video below! On my birthday, my husband and son spent the day golfing on Teeth of the Dog that has 7 holes along the ocean while me and the girls spent a day at the spa. The dominant Spanish language spoken can lend itself to frustration, but after a few days, I found this to be very charming.


Paula P.

Avant Client

Sharon Betts