Avant Receives Legacy Award

Earlier this month, Avant Travel was honored at Commerce Lexington’s Salute to Small Business Awards Luncheon. Avant was announced as the winner of this year’s Legacy Award. This award is open to small businesses which have been in operation for at least 25 years and recognizes staying power, longevity, the ability to adjust to a changing economic climate, and company growth.


Few business sectors have faced the magnitude of challenges that travel agencies have faced over the past 25 years.  These challenges have included the elimination of commission-based revenue from the airlines, the emergence of the internet, an increased popularity in do-it-yourself online bookings, as well as increased competition from internet-based travel companies.  Additional obstacles faced during our tenure have included the short-lived but dramatic impacts of the 9-11 tragedy and 2008 financial crisis on the travel industry. Avant has not only weathered these storms, but we have survived and thrived to such a degree that we are now recognized as a leading resource for the planning of high-end luxury and adventure travel.  In fact, Avant Travel is the only locally owned, continuously operating travel agency in the Lexington market that is still in business during this time span.


In our application, we attributed our success to our dedicated, experienced staff who know the travel business inside and out, as well as to several key business decisions that have enabled us to adapt and survive through such turbulent times. These key decisions include joining Virtuoso in 2000, partnering with the University of Kentucky, and the decision to remain relatively small in order to focus on our core business model of providing excellent, personalized service from experienced, knowledgeable travel advisors, among others.


We are honored to have received this award and we are very proud of our team. Now, take a look at the video below, put together by Commerce Lexington in recognition of receiving this year’s Legacy Award!


The Avant Team

The Avant Team