New Zealand’s South Island – Video

Everyone should visit New Zealand at least once, and for many New Zealand is the “bucket list” destination. Among New Zealand’s foremost attractions is its great natural beauty. New Zealanders sometimes refer to their country as “God Zone,” a rather prideful twist on the phrase “God’s Own.” But if you’re a fan of gorgeous scenery and gutsy people, you’ll agree with them. New Zealand is blessed with some of the most varied and dramatic terrain in the world — from glaciers, fjords and beaches to mountains, meadows and rain forests, known to New Zealanders as “native bush.”  If you’re so inclined, you can admire the breathtaking scenery while skiing, surfing, horseback riding, mountain climbing, hiking (which the locals call “tramping”) or kayaking.


New Zealand consists of two large islands (called the North Island and the South Island), as well as numerous small islands. Both major islands are mountainous with coastal plains. The North Island is more populated and has a warmer, temperate climate, along with vigorous geothermal areas and active volcanoes. The South Island has a more open, spacious feel with spectacular fjords, glaciers, agricultural plains, and hundreds of streams and lakes.


As the name implies, this month’s video share highlights the country’s South Island. The film is entitled, New Zealand: The Spirit of South Island, and it was created by Milwaukee Wisconsin’s award-winning filmmaker, Cody LaPlant, in collaboration with Damien Blue, Bryan Mir, and Christie Suchomel.


We hope you enjoy this visual treat, and if New Zealand happens to be on your bucket list, we’re here to help you plan your trip!


The Avant Team 

The Avant Team