Magical Malta

Everyone is excited about travel again — and we’re not just talking about places close to home anymore! The entire globe has opened up, leaving a myriad of choices, and people are lining up to take aim at their next international travel destination. Tired of being cooped up and looking for an exotic locale off the beaten path? Not quite ready for the crowds flocking to the more popular European destinations? Consider Malta! This tiny Mediterranean island is located just 50 miles south of Sicily and a couple hundred miles from the North African coastline. The Malta archipelago consists of three major islands (Malta, Gozo, and Comino) and two smaller uninhabited islands (St. Paul’s and Filfla).


Malta may not be big, and it may lack the glitz and glamour and breathtaking scenery of the more popular Mediterranean destinations, but this lovely group of islands exudes the kind of quiet charm that attracts repeat visitors. Picture deep-blue bays with brightly painted fishing boats and medieval cities with honey-colored stone buildings. Or perhaps jumping off cliffs with the locals into the country’s many natural pools strikes your fancy. A mix of cultures from Rome to Britain has influenced these five little islands over the centuries, so you’ll find Italian baroque architecture and an English accent combined with the Maltese gusto for life. Add good restaurants, friendly people and the remains of an ancient culture, and you’ll begin to understand Malta’s appeal. You could easily spend hours wandering the streets and taking in the city’s medieval architecture and historic temples, but don’t expect to see large crowds or tour groups in your way. Malta is made up of dry, rocky terrain and it is not for those who are bored by archeological sites or who demand lush, tropical beaches.


Even if you’ve never set foot upon Maltese shores, chances are that you’ve been transported to Malta through the cinema screens! With its deep blue seas, ragged rocky terrain, many layers of history and natural scenic backdrops, Malta has played host to numerous Hollywood blockbusters such as Gladiator, Game of Thrones, Troy, and The Count of Monte Cristo.


In this month’s Travel Video Share we feature Lost in Malta 4K, created by Timur Tugalev, a National Geographic award-winning filmmaker based in Edinburgh, Scotland, and travel writer Sara Izzi, founder of top Italian blog


Sit back, relax, put on the headphones, become immersed and be inspired! Enjoy!


The Avant Team

The Avant Team