Grand Teton – Video

The dramatic, rugged peaks of the Teton Range virtually erupt from the flat plains and Snake River valley, creating a landscape that at times appears to be an illusion. Photographers and artists attempt to capture the majesty and breathtaking views, but their results never fully convey the experience of standing at the Snake River overlook with the entire range spread before you, but the film-making team led by brothers, Will and Jim Pattiz, come about as close as is humanly possible.

Just down the road from Yellowstone, Grand Teton National Park is a world of its own — a string of peaks abruptly rising 7,000 feet from a base of shimmering mountain lakes, sagebrush flats along the spectacular Snake River and a wealth of easy to moderate trails leading to scenic spots. Grand Teton is an almost pristine ecosystem and the same species of flora and fauna that have existed since prehistoric times can still be found there. Sightings of moose, elk, deer and pronghorn are plentiful, with grizzly and black bears occasionally appearing on even the busiest trails. Bald eagles, falcons and white pelicans dot the sky, and wildflowers add vibrant color all summer long. Although there is a fair amount of development, this remains a wild area where natural habitats are diligently preserved. Even with nearly 4 million visitors a year, there is enough space to get away from the crowds.

We are proud to share with you more fabulous film-making work by the Pattiz brothers with this month’s Travel Video share entitled, Grand Teton. This beautiful film is further enhanced by the music of composer, Ryan Taubert, with his majestic piece called Becoming Human.




The Avant Team

The Avant Team