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It’s been a crazy year and a half in the travel world. The pandemic dealt a devastating blow to international travel and practically a knock-out punch to the cruising industry. However, both of these travel segments are finally starting to show signs of life again. In fact, we’ve had several clients travel to Europe recently and their experience has been very positive, with reduced crowds and hardly any long lines being a definite silver-lining. Despite the challenges created by the pandemic, we’ve noticed that travel demand remains surprisingly high, especially since COVID vaccinations became widely available. People are very interested in travel and they are inquiring about travel options with gusto. However, the translation into completed travel itineraries still has a ways to go and we’d like to see less of our time and energy spent on processing trip changes and cancellations.


Nonetheless, travelers are adapting to the pandemic by making adjustments to their usual travel modus operandi and finding creative ways to satisfy their wanderlust. They are staying closer to home, some are driving instead of flying, they’re seeking outdoor activities and adventures, and they’re visiting local and national parks in record numbers. We’ve commented in previous blogs about the popularity of the U.S. National Parks and Forests this summer, which is part of the reason we have chosen to highlight Flathead National Forest in this month’s Travel Video share. (Plus, it’s a really beautiful place and another cool video directed by the Pattiz brothers, who have created several other films featured here on Avant’s website in our Travel Video series.)


Flathead National Forest is in the northwestern part of Montana, just south of the Canadian border and Glacier National Park.  Here you can enjoy the Rocky Mountains in all their wondrous glory without all the traffic jams and hard-to-find parking spots that Glacier National Park can be known for in the popular summer months. Flathead has a little something for every outdoor adventure enthusiast, from beginner hikes to mountain ascents, as well as opportunities for boating, biking, skiing, fishing, and more. It is truly a nature lover’s delight. Being a more spaced out landscape, Flathead gives visitors a better opportunity to get a glimpse of the majestic wildlife that calls Northwest Montana home. Big-game species found in the area include bear, elk, moose, big horn sheep, mule, whitetail deer and Rocky Mountain goat. Along the trails, naturalists and photographers can see a variety of songbirds, hawks, eagles and owls. In shaded groves, along quiet pools, and out on the windswept range, gophers, chipmunks, beaver, porcupine, woodchucks, rabbits, squirrels and other animals can be watched and photographed.


In the words of the folks who created this film:


Join us as we take you on a visual journey through one of the most beautiful regions of the country. Explore iconic mountains, emerald lakes, and vast forests of deep green and brilliant gold. This is Flathead … Situated in the northwest corner of Montana, the Flathead National Forest comprises 2.4 million acres of dramatic mountain beauty. In the wild heart of the Flathead lies over 1 million acres of pristine wilderness. Lynx, grizzly bears, timber wolves, and a vast array of other wildlife call the Flathead home. With over a million acres of wilderness, 2,600 miles of hiking trails, 250 species of wildlife, and 22 species of fish, the Flathead National Forest has something for everyone. We encourage you to visit this beautiful landscape and experience this truly unique part of America.


And we do too! Now, sit back and enjoy the breathtaking cinematography of this film: More Than Just Forests | Flathead!


The Avant Team

The Avant Team