The Kimberley, Australia

Maybe you’ve never heard of the Kimberley. It’s not a resort or a luxury hotel; it’s a region — a sparsely populated region occupying over 160,000 square miles covering Australia’s entire north-western corner to be precise. And with a population of less than 40,000 in an area that’s about three times the size of England or just slightly smaller than California, we do mean sparsely populated. With those credentials, it’s easy to see why the Kimberley is widely regarded as one of the world’s last largely unexplored wilderness frontiers. It may not be for the masses, but it could be a prime destination for that unique world traveler with a truly adventurous spirit. (Think: “I’ve been on an African safari and now I’m looking for new adventures and a new part of the world to discover.”)


The Kimberley consists of large swaths of wilderness defined by ancient steep-sided mountain ranges, dramatic sandstone and limestone gorges, semi-arid savanna and a largely isolated coastline. When we first saw photographer Dan Proud’s masterfully created piece posted on Vimeo a couple months ago, we were eager to feature his work as one of our monthly Travel Video Shares. As you will see, he did a great job capturing the Kimberley’s remoteness, topography, and prolific wildlife in a majestic and beautiful way.


Couple that with the fact that the Kimberley was recently dubbed as one of Virtuoso’s Top 18 Places To Go in 2018, and the deal was sealed for us to share this video. In her article about the Kimberley as a hot new destination for Virtuoso travelers, Amy Cassel noted that while land excursions departing from Broome continue to be a popular choice, approaching the Kimberley’s wild coastline by sea is a pleasant alternative.  She added that Silversea increased Kimberly sailings on its 116-passenger Silver Discoverer in 2018 (which will continue in 2019), “including a ten-day Darwin-to-Broome voyage that dives into the region via Zodiac rides through horizontal waterfalls, and treks with Aboriginal guides and centuries-old stone formations and rock paintings.”


We certainly hope you enjoy this month’s Travel Video Share, The Kimberley, Australia, by Dan Proud, himself a native of Queensland, Australia. He described the Kimberley region as “one of the last true untouched wilderness areas of the world … a vast, pristine and wild place that’s home to an abundant diversity of wildlife and rich ancient culture.” Be sure to turn up the volume or put the headphones on so you can fully experience this artfully done film, which is complemented with a musical score composed by the talented Ryan Taubert.  And if immersing yourself in this video happens to inspire the adventure travel spirit in you, feel free to give us a call! We are standing by to help wherever in the world your adventurous spirit beckons you!


The Avant Team

The Avant Team