cheryl Parish

Travel Advisor at Cheryl Parish Travel, an Avant Travel Affiliate


Cheryl’s travel experience truly began at the age of 5 as she grew up splitting time with her mother in Kentucky & her father in Southern California. Flying and traveling with both families was a major part of her childhood which led to a broad travel resume by the time she graduated from the University of Kentucky with a degree in Advertising & Marketing.


Traveling has always been a passion. She has always enjoyed sharing her travels through photography and social media. Cheryl & her husband have 3 daughters who also love traveling as much as they do. Over the years booking plane tickets and making travel Itineraries became a way of life. So when the opportunity to start a career in the travel industry came about, it seemed like the perfect fit.


Cheryl loves to plan trips from beginning to end by helping you curate the perfect itinerary for your next vacation. After years of travel, research, training & now working with Avant Travel, she is ready to help you book your next trip with less stress & more joy. Leave the details to her so you can sit back and enjoy your next getaway.

Favorite Destinations: 

  • London
  • Paris
  • Greece
  • Hawaii

Next Adventures on Her List:

  • Almafi Coast
  • Japan