Stunning South America

It’s been mighty cold here in Kentucky, as it has been for much of North America of late, especially since we said hello to the New Year and goodbye to 2023. Last month, as temperatures were only beginning to plummet, we queued up a beautiful but bone-chilling video featuring the gusty Highlands region in Iceland. It was cruel, for sure, but we promised to take you somewhere warmer on our next Travel Video share adventure and we are making good on that promise this month with a visual trek across the entire continent of South America. Rarely do we select a travel video that exceeds 4 minutes in duration to share, but the dramatic and other-worldly time-lapse video footage scenes of panoramic landscapes and skylines captured in this film by Norwegian-based videographer Morten Rustad, are absolutely dazzling! Full disclosure: The film, entitled South America – A Time-Lapse Adventure, is 7+ minutes long, but we were drawn in and couldn’t stop watching. The haunting score, by talented composer Jogeir Daee Maeland (also a native of Norway), only accentuates the magnetic appeal. So, if you have the time and patience, put the headphones on and prepare for a visual treat!


In the words of the artist himself: “In this short film, you will be taken on a journey through the incredibly varied landscapes of this imposing continent, South America. One year of travel, nine countries, countless hours on buses, motorbikes, and cars. Hundreds of thousands of images taken. 30TB of data used, 5 months of editing. The time-lapse film features South America like it has never been before with images from Brazil, Venezuela, Guyana, Columbia, Argentina, Chile, Peru, Bolivia, and Ecuador.”


That list of countries packs a pretty good punch for just over 7 minutes of footage!  So, sit back and enjoy — and pick your spot in South America to visit and we will help get you there!


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The Avant Team

The Avant Team