New Zealand

By: Wendy Sifford

AK37-Cathedral-Cove-Coromandel-Adam-BryceAfter the huge worldwide success of the “Lord of the Rings” trilogy, New Zealand has become a hot commodity. I was lucky enough to visit the South Island and was not disappointed. The scenery alone is some of the most beautiful in the world, with stunning mountains and beautiful coastlines … you simply never grow tired of looking around at the natural beauty this destination has to offer. Additional bonuses include great food and wine and all kinds of adventure activities, which can range from being as low key as sailing through Milford Sound, to the more exhilarating like bungee jumping off the original site at Kawarau Bridge. The South Island is perfect for enjoying the great outdoors and the variety of activities available ensure that there is something for everyone … hiking, biking, fly-fishing, rafting, golfing, kayaking, horseback riding, skiing, and the list goes on and on. Perhaps the only down side of my trip to New Zealand is that I didn’t have enough time there.