Cheers To Prague

Prague, Czech Republic, is a city of stunning physical beauty. Gothic and baroque spires, art-nouveau facades and even cubist structures reflect a crucible of German, Italian, Flemish and Bohemian artistic movements. The capitals of many other European nations were flattened or heavily damaged during World War II, but Prague survived intact and remains as one of Europe’s best preserved cities. Although the city embraces innovation, Prague’s old-world appeal has been steadfastly retained. Thick river fogs, arched stone bridges, mysteriously lit alleyways and other charming scenes linger around almost every corner. If you slip away from the main tourist scene, you’ll likely stumble upon a bakery offering freshly baked brown loaves from 200-year-old recipes, or a lively political debate in a Hapsburg-era hospoda (pub).


Speaking of beer, the Czechs are famous for producing some of the world’s finest brews and have maintained the highest per capita beer consumption in the world since the country came into being in 1993. The beer scene in Prague has only gotten better in recent years as dozens of new Czech beers and microbreweries have emerged on the scene catering to a renewed interest in traditional brewing. If you want to live like a local in Prague, you must drink the beer.


It is in this spirit that we ring in the new year and also celebrate our first full year of sharing travel videos here on our website. Join us in raising our glasses to toast the City of a Hundred Spires as we share this month’s Travel Video, A Glass of Prague. This film was made by Ukrainian-based timelapse/hyperlapse photographer Kirill Neiezhmakov.


Happy New Year to all and cheers to you, Prague!


The Avant Team

The Avant Team