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Ok – It’s early January and probably the last thing you want to look at when you’re thinking about travel is more ice and snow!  We get it … Baby, it’s cold outside! But this film is utterly beautiful, and we want to share it with you!  It is set in the French Alps around the Chamonix area and features Mont Blanc, the highest summit in the Alps, which is located near the junction of France, Switzerland and Italy.  The commune of Chamonix itself is situated at the base of Mont Blanc, just to the north, in south-eastern France.  It has been a world-renowned ski resort ever since the first Winter Olympics were held there in 1924.


The film is aptly named, Higher Ground.  Florian Nick (aka “Flo Nick”), a timelapse photographer based in Stuttgart, Germany, did a masterful job capturing the beauty of this area. In his words: “Every year millions of people come to experience the majestic mountains around Chamonix in the French Alps. Whether they’re mountain climbers, backcountry skiers, hikers or tourists — they all embrace the Mont Blanc massif in their very own way. And so did I … when I created this timelapse film”.


The film opens cold, dark and gloomy — almost scary — but before long the beauty and splendor become apparent.  Darkness gives rise to light, and night turns into day as the morning sun rises and reaches along the vast snow-covered landscape, like a warm hand comforts and lifts a grieving soul. Those cold and dormant winter scenes begin offering the first visual hints of spring awakening. Breathtaking sunrises morph into equally stirring sunsets. Then, like dying embers, the  evening skies fade back into glorious night, but this time with a peaceful assuredness and calm anticipation, only to be resurrected again by the celestial beauty and awe of the stars illuminated brightly against the backdrop of the night-time sky. Matching this emotional ride perfectly is the haunting and magical musical score, composed by Julian Lindenmann, which happens to be of the same name (Higher Ground). It serves as the perfect auditory complement to the visual imagery of the film, taking you along a parallel progression of feelings … from coldness and fear, to light and hope. You really have to have your headphones on in order to truly appreciate it. And, if at all possible, watch this video in 4K resolution if you have a device capable of doing so. (The ice crystals from 00:35 to 00:50 are absolutely amazing!)


Yes, it is early January and the winter season is still young. But the winter solstice has passed, signaling the path to longer days and the hope (and warmth) of spring to come. We hope you enjoy this month’s Video Share, Higher Ground!


The Avant Team

The Avant Team