Canada: Coast to Coast – Video

Canada has become a hugely popular travel destination, especially in recent years as some travelers seek alternatives to traveling abroad to Europe.  Our neighbors to the north offer an excellent road network, an abundance of natural beauty, and a variety of sophisticated, world-class cities that exude an international vibe and a dash of European culture. All within easy striking distance of the United States.


My previous trips to Canada were much too brief and provided me with only limited exposure to two of the country’s more popular urban centers on each end of Canada’s spectrum, Montreal to the East and Vancouver to the West. However, my husband, two daughters and I recently re-engaged with Canada for a very special family celebration and fell in love (particularly one of us) with a more interior section of Canadian wilderness called Lake of the Woods. This is a beautiful, sparsely populated area occupying parts of the Canadian provinces of Ontario and Manitoba.


For my husband and me, after a week of wrestling with the hustle and bustle of Virtuoso Travel Week amidst the desert heat in Las Vegas, the contrast was sharp. Almost immediately after stepping off the plane in Winnipeg, we noticed a crispness in the air, alerting us to the unmistakable first hints of fall, including the slightest change of color in the leaves on the trees. (Yes, even in late August.)  Although we arrived separately and in some cases incognito to preserve our surprise element, we soon reunited to discover together a sense of the wide-open spaces and beautiful natural vistas that this region of Canada has to offer.  Regardless of where you choose to venture among Canada’s vastness, I propose that a visit to Canada will satisfy the appetite of anyone in search of an adventure in an untamed, magnificent wilderness.


Our recent trip inspired me to feature Canada for this month’s Travel Video Share.  Canada: Coast to Coast was created by native Canadian time-lapse videographer Dominic Boudreault.  After working more than 5 years as a multimedia artist and on-location photographer, Dominic quit his 9-to-5 job to dedicate all his energy toward mastering his craft of making time-lapse videos. Canada: Coast to Coast was filmed during four months of travel across Canada over a span of two years.


In Dominic’s own words regarding this project: “I saw massive mountain ranges and spectacular waterfalls, turquoise lakes and rivers fed by glaciers, small fishing villages and pulsating cities, as well as dramatic skies over World Heritage Sites and untouched coastlines. I invite you along to discover the immensity and diversity of my homeland, the world’s second-largest country. Welcome to a land of contrast and calm grandeur.”


 Now, I invite you to enjoy this month’s Travel Video Share, Canada: Coast to Coast!


Sharon Betts

Co-Owner, Travel Advisor

Sharon Betts