Body Holiday – St. Lucia

I love a travel adventure with lots of moving parts but, sometimes, R & R at the beach is a necessity! To that end, I recently spent a week at the BodyHoliday on St Lucia in the West Indies.  First and foremost, I should emphasize that the team at this resort consisted of the most friendly and caring folks that I have ever encountered.  There were so many amazing moments that soared above and beyond the much too simplistic term, hospitality.


BodyHoliday is a luxury, boutique-sized, all inclusive resort. In addition to meals, drinks, gratuities and all sorts of activities being included, guests are also pampered with a daily spa treatment performed by an expert therapist.  The result: Six days of true bliss!


The accommodations at BodyHoliday are very comfortable, with lovely views of the beach and sea. Dining options include both buffet and course by course service with wine pairings.  Dress is sporty and casual everywhere in the resort, whether it is day or night.  Guests can choose from an array of activities, ranging from a gentle morning stretch class to extreme mountain biking.  And don’t miss the Friday night sunset cruise!


My stay at BodyHoliday certainly lived up to the resort’s tagline: “Give us your body for a week and we’ll give you back your mind”. I came away with a new understanding of the importance of relaxation.  Sometimes, it’s not easy to achieve but it is crucial in maintaining mental and physical health.  So go ahead, you owe it to yourself to take a mind and BodyHoliday!


Rosemary Warmenhoven

Travel Advisor

Rosemary Warmenhoven