Beguiling Black Hills – Video

As the COVID-19 vaccination rolls out and early indicators suggesting that the challenges of vaccine distribution are being met successfully, we expect a pent-up travel demand to emerge over the course of 2021.  Consumers have grown weary of canceled vacations, travel restrictions, isolation from loved ones, and staying so close to home for months on end, and many are eager to “get back in the saddle.”  Nonetheless, it will take time for travelers to feel safe again and we expect domestic travel, with an emphasis on outdoor adventure travel, to account for much of that initial spike once travel restrictions are eased. Fortunately, there is plenty to see and do right here in the “good ole U.S. of A.”


This month we feature the Black Hills National Forest, situated mostly in western South Dakota, but with a small section in northeastern Wyoming. Grand as it is, Mount Rushmore is only a small piece of the 1.25-million-acre forest and all there is to see and explore. There are extensive underground cave systems that wind their way beneath the Black Hills, spectacular waterfalls, wide-open prairie grasslands which are a natural hotspot for wildlife such as bison, elk, deer, antelope, and of course prairie dogs, along with breathtaking star constellations filling the night-time skies thanks to the low levels of light pollution. Despite its name, “The Black Hills” features some pretty amazing colors as you will see in our featured travel video share this month.


Speaking of the video, it is from the same folks who brought you the More Than Just Parks film series, several of which we have featured in previous months’ travel video shares. The video is entitled, More Than Just Forests | Black Hills, and is also directed by the talented Pattiz brothers. In their words:


Join us as we take you on a visual journey through one of the most stunning and unique regions in the country. Explore a vast forest where spires of granite rise above the evergreens in dazzling formations. This is the Black Hills … Situated in western South Dakota, the Black Hills National Forest comprises 1.2 million acres of unparalleled beauty. Rising far above the surrounding prairie, the Black Hills even contains the tallest peak east of the Rocky Mountains. Boasting over 13,000 acres of wilderness, 1,300 miles of streams, 450 miles of hiking trails, and 2 national scenic byways, it’s no wonder why so many consider the Black Hills a recreation paradise. Whether it’s fishing, hunting, horseback riding, mountain biking, hiking, or just about anything else, the Black Hills offers a spectacular backdrop for your favorite outdoor activities. We encourage you to visit this beautiful landscape and experience this truly unique part of America.


We would not want to fail to mention the musical composition talents of Jordan Critz, whose mesmerizing song Hineni, forms the perfect auditory accompaniment to this impressive film. We hope you enjoy this month’s Travel Video share featuring The Black Hills National Forest. We can’t wait to assist you when you are ready to travel again!


The Avant Team

The Avant Team